Rules and Regulations


  • The students of The Sivakasi Lions Matriculation Higher Secondary School are eligible to become the members of the The Sivakasi Lions School Alumni Association.
  • An Alumnus can submit the duly filled-in registration form along with a one-time payment of Rs.1000/- to become a life member of the Association.
  • The Alumni Association is located and functioning in the senior school campus under the guidance of the Correspondent and the Principal.
  • The Correspondent is the Patron of the Alumni Association and attends all the meetings of the Executive Board.
  • The Alumni Association is governed by the Alumni Council made up of 7 alumni volunteers nominated by the Executive Board.
  • The Alumni Council members with the Principal constitute the Executive Board.
  • The Executive Board will have the Principal as its President and a Secretary, a Treasurer and five Members-all from the Alumni Council.
  • The Alumni Council is formed for every two years only.
  • The Annual General Meeting of the Alumni Association will be held once in a year on the last Sunday of July to discuss about the various matters regarding selection of council members, new members, conduct of meeting, Pride competitions, financial matters, etc.
  • The Executive Board should meet once in 3 months to discuss about the realization of the objectives of the Alumni Association.
  • Neither the alumni member nor the alumni council has any right or privilege or power what so ever to interfere in the affairs of the school.
  • The Alumni Association account will be operated by the Correspondent as per the advice of the Executive Board.
  • All the decisions can be taken by the Executive Board only.
  • Any decision or request can be revoked by the Principal without any discretion of any member.