Motto & Objectives

MottoLove, Knowledge, Service

Slogan Educate to Elevate


We aim to ensure that all the pupils at the Sivakasi Lions Matriculation Higher Secondary School achieve the highest standard of academic achievement of which they are capable. These standards will apply to all they do, whether in the class room, on the sports field, in competition or on stage or in the extensive range of other opportunities we offer at all stages of their education.

We aim to provide our children a holistic education by imparting values and ethics so that they emerge as good citizens, ready to successfully face challenges and complexities of the future in a constructive and humane manner and be able to contribute to create peace and harmony in the society and to protect the environment.


The main purpose of running the school by the Lions Club of Sivakasi is to prepare good citizens and able administrators by maintaining strict discipline. The school always insists on Discipline and Academic Excellence. All the teachers work tirelessly and vigorously to maintain Discipline and Academic Excellence at any cost without resorting to any kind of punishment.

The school follows the House System. The students are divided into four houses namely Red, Green, Blue and Yellow and School Captain , School Vice Captain, School Association Secretary, House Captains and House Prefects are elected every year. They comprise the student council and are well guided by the Principal and the House Masters and House Mistresses to maintain discipline in the school campus at all times through Self-Government.

Students are trained from the very beginning not to touch anybody and not to allow anybody to touch them, except blessing them by touching the forehead. ‘No Touch’ is practised very strictly in the campus.