Objectives | The Sivakasi Lions Matriculation Higher Secondary School


  • To enrol all the old students who had passed Std XII as members of the Alumni Association.
  • To create an ever lasting correspondence and relationship between the school and the alumni.
  • To attend school functions with family to encourage the students.
  • To conduct competitions, workshops, training programmes, etc for the benefit of the students of the school as well as other schools in the district.
  • To make the school famous by doing social service activities.
  • To organize seminars, workshops, training programmes, etc for the teachers.
  • To provide guidance and counselling to the students as well as the alumni regarding education, employment opportunities in India and Abroad, entrepreneurship, etc.
  • To donate every year for the development of infrastructure in the school.
  • To honour teachers, students and alumni who excel in their field of action
  • To attend the ‘Prides’ competitions and also the General Meeting of the Alumni Association conducted on the last Sunday of July every year.